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In 1999, I was inspired to play a role in preventing and treating world blindness, by joining the Gift of Sight Program. For me, this was a small contribution to what is a silent global crisis, 150 million strong. For many people, clear eyesight is a luxury, not a necessity. That is what I experienced during my medical mission to Bolivia in 1999 and Morocco in 2001 where our group examined and treated over 1,000 patients a day, over 2 weeks. The Gift of Sight Program, now Onesight®, provides eyecare to tens of thousands of people throughout the country and the world. Contributions are from volunteer eye doctors, technicians, and Lion’s Club members around the globe.

The experiences were eye opening, and, at times, emotionally touching. Some walking, some wheeled in and yet others carried in on make-shift rugs, hundreds lined up every morning for their opportunity to see the world as god intended. Experiences such as these have a humility-producing effect on any human being, and I can say that I have grown both emotionally and spiritually from it. These overseas missions have taught me to appreciate the richness of life and a new appreciation for humanity.


Tanzania, Africa – The digging of a long awaited fresh-water well, serving the proud occupants of the remote village of Gumba made possible by the indefatigable efforts of two brothers who traversed 2,190 miles of the Appalachian trail, 2021


In Mid 2023, Dr Magalhaes and his family embarked on a medical mission to east Africa. This mission was executed in concert with a religious group known as Missions for Humanity, whose goal is to serve the less fortunate. The mission encompassed three efforts. With the help of a local physician and her daughter, the rest of the team was made up of a nurse, several technicians and educators. The intent of the effort was to educate children living in impoverished communities in Africa as well as meeting the visual and medical needs of as many patients as possible. In that vein, upwards of 400 patients were examined in remote villages outside of Dar-eh-Salaam, the de facto capital of Tanzania.

Four villages were visited where residents with conditions ranging from small infections to more significant medical problems were attended to. The second part of the trip was an educational effort, where several mission members taught the English language and American culture. Lastly, the optical portion of the effort was the most comprehensive. Dr Magalhaes, his family and staff gathered, sorted, and dispensed hundreds of pieces of eyewear to needy Tanzaneans as well as treating many eye medical conditions along the way.  The planning of the meeting was inspired by the inception of a water well built in a small town, named Gumba. The funding for this well was realized by an effort put forth by Andrew and Maxwell Magalhaes. The brothers completed the Appalachian Trail in five months, traveling over 2000 miles which resulted in a significant donation to the Mission for Humanity Foundation. The people of Gumba could not have been happier to host their benefactors. The entire outreach was very successful and helped hundreds of African children and adults. It represents a model that we hope can be replicated in other parts of Africa and the world.





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