Thank you for considering an opportunity with Dr. Magalhaes and Associates, D.M.A. You’ve made, what we believe, is an excellent professional choice in selecting Optometry as a way of life. We love it. From our Optometric techs, our Para-Optometrics, our billing department , our eyeglasses retail group, as well as our management team, we are in lock step on the pride and dedication we have to our craft.

As a licensed Doctor of Optometry, you will join a staff of 20 in delivering superlative and high tech care to our diverse patient base. Your day could consist of a wide range of refractive, medical, optical, specialty contact lens fittings, and pre/post operative care. No day is boring or monotonous at D.M.A. We keep busy. Doctors are involved at every level. We value their contribution to billing, designing new procedures and standards, evaluating new technologies, and integrating new computer systems. Any new innovation at D.M.A. can be traced back to critical contributions of our doctors.

Enjoy our high tech office that includes histological inspective macula and optic nerve OCTs, liquid lens capable Humphrey visual fields, Rod intercept measurements with Maculogix, and carotenoid testing with Zea vision. We prioritize innovation, and in line with this, invest in our people and our patients. You will enjoy fast capacity computers, high resolution anterior cameras, and reliable and integrated Electronic Medical Records systems (Crystal). Our preliminary battery of testing is performed by our skilled techs which includes screening vfs, Ultra Wide Field retinal photos (Clarus, Zeiss), auto refraction, fundus photos and NCT. Through your exams, you will be utilizing the latest in Digital Refraction Systems by Marco. Electronic prescribing is available to select doctors. In all cases, doctors are expected to subscribe to the highest level of care, as determined by the State Board of Optometry in Massachusetts.

After your exam, patients are fortunate to have a wide array of choices in eyeglasses selection at Lenscrafters. Our office is a flagship location with hundreds of designer frames by Versace, Oakley, Rayban, Armani, Gucci, Burberry and many, many others. It is a pleasure to work with a known, branded organization that specializes in all things optical, while being an outstanding business partner with D.M.A. and respecting our total and unabated independence.

Our doctors enjoy a very generous package with their signed contracts and will be an integral part of our medical team. Please request an interview with our Practice Administrator, Coleen Magalhaes 1- (978) 869 3705, and see you soon !!!


If you are reading this, it is because you are considering a job in eyecare. As with our doctor candidates, you’re in the right place. Whether you are experienced in working in this field or you are new, a position at Dr. Magalhaes and Associates will be a memorable and rewarding position for you.

As a new person to the world of eyes, we will train you from the ground up. You will be introduced into a new world of optical and medical. Optometry is unique in the sense that we treat and manage eye disease, while also dealing with a small retail component related to eyeglasses and certain eye care products. We thrive in this area of training. Our senior techs enjoy the experience of seeing novice candidates grow, while learning a new discipline. You will become confident in your newly acquired skills and enjoy your new job.

If you are an experienced tech, we would love to take your knowledge and build upon it. It will be exciting for you to see a different approach to eye care. In the office, you will be introduced to the highest level for equipment in the areas of OCT, visual fields, Maculogix, Zea Vision, etc. You will be asked to participate in contact lens ordering, billing, and pre-testing with high level devices. You will master our EMR, Crystal and work with a variety of programs to verify insurances, sell year supply of contact lenses, learn about ocular nutraceuticals and manage our surgical cases.

There is room to grow in our practice with exciting opportunities in high level eyecare. Many of our techs have completed the American Optometric Association Para-Optometric program. This program is a very comprehensive approach to honing your eyecare skills and knowledge and will allow you to perform 80% of the modern day eye exam, under a doctor’s supervision. Other opportunities include practice supervisor, billing department head and practice manager.

Please call Coleen Magalhaes, our practice administrator for an interview 1- (978) 869 3705 , [email protected] . See you soon !!

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