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Introducing an innovative therapy for Dry Eyes! If your eyes are gritty and dry, you likely have a condition called Dry eye Disease. We now have a new treatment for dry eye that is proving to be effective in treating the signs and symptoms that you are experiencing.

Up to now, there were ointments , tiny plugs inserted into the corners of the eyelids, and therapeutic and lubricant eye drops , among other treatments. Tyrvaya awakens the eye’s ability to produce moisture by utilizing a nasal spray system to stimulate your eye’s natural ability to produce tears.

Used twice daily as a spray, the medicine stimulates the nerve that produces moisture. Almost immediately, you will feel dry eye relief. Your eye doctor will monitor your progress and couple Tyrvaya with other dry eye medications. Ask you doctor about Tyrvaya.


Miebo is a lubricating eye drop that acts as a medicine to improve the health of the surface of your eyes. Prescribed for dry eye and oil gland dysfunction, this medication will target the causes of moisture evaporation. It is preservative and steroid – free. It may be effective for children under the age of 18. Remember to apply 1 drop four times daily and remove your contact lenses before applying.

The Miebo website has significant savings on the medication. Your eye doctor will work with your insurance company to check for coverage. Welcome to the world of less dry eye- Miebo!


There are cases of eyelid infestation with mites. This condition affects mostly the eyelid area and causes redness , irritation, and itchiness around the eyelids. Xdemvy is approved for treatment of Demodex Blepharitis.

The treatment protocol is use for a full 6 weeks. Xdemvy is the first FDA approved treatment for Demodex. The eyelid mites grow out of control and cause eye inflammation. They cause crusty , flaky collarettes around the base of the eyelashes. The mites are sensitive to light and cannot survive without a host. They are contagious. Patients across all ages can get Demodex and initially mites can be acquired early on. It is important to use the medication daily. There are extensive resources on the Xdemvy website for further information.

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