I would not hesitate, for an instant, to see him for my care in the future!

  • Posted on: Nov 18 2012
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I have been a patient at Dr. Magalhaes and Associates for several years and the officef atmosphere has always been pleasant, caring and patient oriented. I have come to respect Dr. Magalheas and his professionalism. His staff is a perfect reflection of how he cares for his patients. I especially appreciate that Dr. Magalhaes offers the latest technology to his patients and performs thorough and complete eye care- but there is more to it. He is someone that can be trusted with your eyes, even under adverse conditions and when you really need him. Let me explain why I won’t ever choose any other office for my eye care.

I recently had a problem with a painful right eye. I called for an appointment and I was quickly routed to Dr. Magalhaes. He evaluated my eye and came to the conclusion that there was a complication from the surgery that I had for cataracts a few years ago. A stitch that was left in was causing my eye to be red, infected, and painful. He prepped my eye, cleaned out the material that had stuck to the stitch, and prescribed medicine that immediately gave me reflief. I needed to go see a surgeon to remove the stitch and Dr. Magalhaes promptly made those arrangements, right on the spot.

After the surgery, I learned that Dr. Magalhaes associate, Dr. Carlsson, is equal to the task. He tended to my eye to the point where I felt normal again. The stitch was removed, my eye felt better, and no complications arose. I would not hesitate, for an instant, to see him for my care in the future – in fact, I welcome it.

In today’s day and age, it is difficult to really find professionals that you can count on to go the extra mile to help you. It is not uncommon to be given the run-around with referrals, delays, and incompetence, nowadays. I trust that if i ever have another emergency like the one I experienced, that I will be well serviced at my eye doctors’ office, as i have been for years. Thanks guys.


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