The New Medical Revolution !

  • Posted on: Sep 29 2012
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The divorce from pencil and paper is upon us! The old ways of a patients’ paper records being stacked high in folders are over.  One of the biggest challenges in offices is finding and identifying where charts are.  With electronic records and information sheets, access to your chart is simple and easy.    Welcome to the sleek, paper-saving ways of today!

New things you will note:
1.     Text appointment reminder   methods
2.     Paper saving patient information sheets!
3.     Electronic transmission of your medication to your pharmacy
4.     Electronic check in
5.     Transmission of information directly from our ocular devices into your electronic medical record
6.     Reduced medical errors
7.     Improved communication with your other physicians
To the patient, electronic records assist in every aspect of your eyecare. Patients deserve more privacy, more access, and improved quality of care. Electronic medical records bring us into the Medical Revolution and we are bringing all our patients with us-  Jump on  !!!!!

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